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Best Gaming Accessories and Devices

What’s going on everyone? These are the best gaming accessories and devices of 2023.

All products in this video will be listed down below in the description. Also, stick around till the end of this video for a giveaway.

Best Gaming Accessories and Devices

HP OMEN Gaming Laptop

HP Omen 16 Premium Gaming Laptop

Our first product is the HP OMEN gaming laptop with Intel core i9. This is a pretty nice-looking gaming laptop. It’s all black with the Omen logo at the top.

It comes with the 12th gen intel core i9 processor, 16 gigs of RAM, an RTX 3060 graphics card, and a 16.1-inch, 165 hertz, full HD display.

You also get a number of ports. On the right side you get 2 USB-A ports and some vents. There are more vents on the bottom for active cooling. At the back of the device, you get more vents on either side, 2 USB-C ports, a HDMI 2.1 port, and the power plug. On the left side you get more vents, a headphone jack, an SD-card reader, a USB-A port, and ethernet.

This is a very commendable laptop for gaming as well as editing images and videos. The powerful processor, coupled with an amazing graphics card allow you to power through tasks quick and seamlessly.

I’d recommend this to gamers and content creators alike. The fast refresh rate screen makes this a very enjoyable laptop to game and/or work on.

Corsair K100 Air Wireless Ultra-Thin Keyboard

Our next product is the corsair K100 Air Wireless ultra-thin keyboard.

This is a full size RGB Mechanical keyboard that works with PC, iOS, Android, Xbox, and PlayStation.

It’s a thin low-profile keyboard that is really comfortable to work and game with.

Let’s get it out of the box.

Inside the box you find, the keyboard itself, the warranty and safety information, and the charging cable.

The keys feel nice and clicky.

Above the function keys you get your media control keys; The volume rocker, a little LED display for charge and RGB, the profile button for switching profiles, your GB switch key, and the lock button. Under the keyboard you get the USB-C port, the power button, and the dongle.

It’s very low profile and light keyboard that’s fun and comfortable to type on.

This little LED light shows you that the keyboard is charging.

You can switch on the RGB lights using this button here and also switch between different colors and patterns.

Alternatively, you can use corsairs IQ software to adjust and customize the RGB lights.

Astro A10 Gen 2 Wired Gaming Headset

Next we have the Astro Gaming A10 Gen 2 wired headset.

This is a very well-built, entry level, budget friendly gaming headset.

It features 32 millimeter dynamic drivers that deliver crisp and clear sound.

It comes with a 2-way split cable for the speakers and the mic.

Then there’s the main cable with the volume rocker.

I’d recommend this to any entry level gamer out there.

Turtle Beach controller

If you own an Xbox, the Turtle Beach Recon wired controller is a great third-party controller.

It’s an officially licensed controller for the Xbox Serie S, The series X, the Xbox One X, and PC.

It comes with the usual Xbox buttons layout.

However, at the top here you have some extra buttons for chats, volume, menus, and much more.

The controller connects via USB-C

It also comes with extra programmable buttons at the back.

It feels very comfortable and it’s really well built.

If you’re looking for extra controllers for your Xbox, you can not go wrong with the Turtle Beach Recon wired controller.

WD Black P10 5TB Hard Drive

Next up it’s the WD Black P10 5TB game drive.

It’s a 5 terabyte External drive with read and write speeds of up to 130 Megabytes per second.

I love the rugged look of this drive.

It comes with little branding at the top here.

You get your connector port here and it also comes with the connector cable.

With games taking up too much storage space, having a reliable external storage device is crucial to any gamer.

You can use it with your console and/or gaming PC to store all your digital games.

Alternatively, you can get the WD Black SN850X Internal SSD.

If you’re looking to expand the internal storage for your PS5 or your gaming PC, this is an excellent option.

NVMe drives are really fast with read and speeds of up to 2.6 GB per second.

Giving you smooth gameplay and high transfer speeds.

Either way, these are really good storage options.

Logitech G920 Driving Force Racing Wheel

Next we have the Logitech G920 Driving force racing wheel and pedals.

If you are a fan of racing games or vehicle simulation games, this is a perfect entry level racing wheel for you.

This specific version is for Xbox and PC, but you can also get one for PlayStation and PC.

It is fairly easy and straight-forward to set up.

You get your usual Xbox buttons layout, and the menu buttons.

Then you have the paddles with the accelerator, brakes, and clutch.

The wheel also comes with paddle shifters meaning you can drive in either manual or semi-automatic.

Definitely recommend.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Gen 2 Gaming Headset

The turtle beach stealth 700 Gen 2 gaming headset is a great option for a wireless gaming headset.

This one is a bit more premium and expensive than the Astro A10.

It has 40 plus hours of battery life.

It comes with a dongle that you use to switch from PC to Xbox.

You can also get one for the PS5 and PC.

It also comes with a USB-C charging cable.

The speakers and mic volume controls are on the left earcup, plus the power and presets buttons.

Find out more about this headset using the links in the description.

Xbox Game Pass

Lastly, we have Xbox game pass ultimate and the PC game pass.

For a monthly subscription fee of 999, you get access to all Xbox games in one place.

You can use it with your PC, your Xbox, and even your mobile devices.

This is a must have for anyone who owns an Xbox.


That’s about it for the best gaming accessories and devices volume one.

Let me know down in the comments section which one is your favorite.

To win the external drive featured in this video, all you have to do is leave a comment, like this video and subscribe to this channel, and I will randomly pick one subscriber.

Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you I the next one

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