Are you’re looking for a cool and thoughtful gift for a Friend or family member. You know that they’re either a huge fitness fanatic or maybe they vowed to finally improve their fitness and health in 2023. You’re looking to get them that one gift that will really help them reach their fitness goals. Well, in this article, I’m going to share a few of my favorite health and fitness gifts ideas for all budgets, that you should consider for this giving season.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Fitness Gift Ideas (Holiday Gift Guide)

We’re are going to be looking at Fitness Gadgets at different price points. Feel free to use the links below to jump to your preferred price category.

*** Under $100 )||( Between$100 – $350 )||( $350 and above ***

Starting with the under $100 price point (Gift Ideas on a Budget)
Workout Outfit
Fitness Gifts Ideas

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My first recommendation gift idea would be a workout outfit. So, some shorts, compression t-shirts, and leggings. What I love about a workout outfit is that you can do different types of combos and still stay within that under $100 price point.

My favorite brands are Under Armour, Nike, GymShark, and Alphalete. All these companies have shorts, leggings, compression shirts, workout hoodies, and so much more.

Crossrope Jump Ropes ($99 – $149)
Fitness Gift Ideas for All Budgets

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I know $100 might be a bit much for a jump rope. However, I do feel that Crossrope Jump ropes are the best quality jump ropes out there. They have two different programs; Get Lean, and Get Strong.

Get Lean is for burning fat and cardio while the Get Strong set is for strength. What make the Crossrope jump ropes really good is that they have a corresponding app which has tutorials and workouts. In the App, you can also track your progress and do challenges. This is like a two in one gift because you’re giving them a high-quality jump rope, and a workout App as well.

Vibration Massage Roller ($80 – $100)

My next Fitness Gift Idea are vibration massage rollers. My favorite massage rollers are the Wave Duo and the Wave Solo. What I love about these is that they are very compact and really great for travel or carrying around. They’re really great for recovery and warming up your muscles before you workout.

Beat Studio Buds ($150)
Fitness Gifts Ideas for all budgets

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Another item I want to recommend are the Beat Studio Buds. These are great low budget headphones options for working out. They’re comfortable, compact and portable. They almost match the sound quality of the Power Beats Pro and at this price, they’re awesome. They don’t have the H1 Chip but they do have noise cancellation and transparency mode. This is a great gift option if the person you’re getting it for loves to listen to music while they workout.

Fitness App Subscription
Fitbit Inspire 3 Fitbit Charge 5

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The last fitness gift idea I’d recommend for under $100 is a Fitness App Membership. In the post pandemic world, we saw a rise in the number of fitness Apps like Apple Fitness+ (Workouts), Yummly (Nutrition), and Calm (Meditation). Check out my favorite Fitness Apps of 2022 here.

What I love about this, is that it’s a Year-Membership, so it’s a gift that’ll last the entire year. Prices range from $69.99 to $150. All they’ll need is a phone and an internet connection.

My Favorite Items/Gadgets in this Category

Now to the $100 to $350 Price point (Mid-tier Fitness Gift Ideas)
Fitness Shoes ($100 – $200)
Fitness Gift Ideas

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The first item I’d recommend in this category is a nice pair of fitness Shoes. If you have someone who’s a average gym goer, they’ll never say no to new workout shoes. Some of brands I’d recommend are Nike and Reebok.

Portable Massage Device ($199 – $349)
Fitness Gift Ideas for all Budgets

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The next items I recommend are portable massage devices. My favorites are the TheraGun Mini and the Hypervolt Go. These are great travel options to use for recovery or warming up your muscles before you workout.

One of my secret weapons is the Powerdot Duo.               This is muscle stimulation Intense, which basically helps to really loosen up your recovery muscles after a long workout. They come in a little pouch making them really easy to carry in a backpack or gym bag while traveling.

Beats Fit Pro ($199)
Fitness Gift Ideas

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I know we talked about budget workout earbuds. However, if you want a premium workout headphone, you can not go wrong with the Beats Fit Pro. They’re amazing and I can only say that this are my favorite workout earbuds. They have the H1 Chip and amazing noise cancellation. They also come in a smaller case than the Power beats Pro.

I would also recommend the Sony WF1000MIV but they’re more expensive at around $280.

Fitness Tracker ($100 – $350)

Fitbit ECG App

Last but not least, I’d recommend getting a fitness tracker. My favorite is the Fitbit Charge 5. I’d also recommend the Vivo Smart 4. This are perfect for people who want something that’s low-profile. They track your sleep, heartrate, your daily activities and so much more.

My Favorite Items/Gadgets in this category

Now moving into the above $350 (Big Spender category)
Smartwatch ($350 – $399)
Fitness Gift Ideas for all Budgets

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The first gift idea I have in this category is a Smartwatch. What I love about smart watches is that it’s a combo of fitness tracking and smartwatch features. These include everything from answering calls, checking emails, checking the weather etc.

My favorite Smartwatch is the Apple Watch, especially the Apple Watch Series 7 or later. If you don’t have an Apple device, some great android choices would be the Galaxy Watch 4 or the Garmin Venue 2.

Premium Massage Gun ($350 and above)
Fitness Gift Ideas for all Budgets

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Another item on this list, is a premium massage gun. My favorites being the Theragun Elite, the Theragun Pro, and the Hypervolt 2 Pro. These definitely pack-a-punch and do so good when it comes to warming up your muscles before a workout or help your body recover. They get a little bit deeper, are much more powerful, and have a better battery life than the Minis.

My Favorite Items/Gadgets in this category


That wraps up my Fitness Gift Ideas for the three price points. You can use the links above to purchase any of these items at no extra cost.

I believe that whoever receives your gift will be extremely happy with any of those options as they will all help push them closer to achieving their fitness goals.

I hope this article was useful, if it was please leave a like and I will see you in the Next One.

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