Hello guys. We’re back with another ‘Cool Tech Under $50’ buyer guide for October. We take a look at some of the best and coolest tech you can find for under $50.

If you like anything you see, I’ll have links to where you can buy any of these items. (Disclaimer: These are affiliate links. We might earn a small commission if you purchase through our links. It helps support the blog.)

Cool Tech Under $50 – October 2022

Mangata Orbit Power Bank

One power bank not enough? The Mangata double Power bank with a charging dock comes to the rescue. The power banks are compatible with thousands of devices. They are compact, portable batteries making them easy to carry in your pocket, or bag. When it’s time to recharge them, just place them on the charging dock with no cables to plug. No more cable clutter as you can recharge both bricks wirelessly.

Spotify Car Thing

This is a dedicated Spotify streaming car player. It clips o to your car’s dash and provides visual control of your Spotify playlist. It can also connect to your phone and other devices via Bluetooth. It features a sturdy unibody design for durability and tactile navigation controls. Even more, you can use voice commands like “Hey Spotify” to control your music. You get four Preset buttons that give you shortcuts to your favorite playlists, artists, stations and podcasts.

DockCase Visual Smart USB-C Hub

This is a six in one device with a screen that displays all vital information; Device and Hub temperature, current transfer speeds etc. It connects to your PC or laptop via a USB-C Port. It has 3 USB-A Ports, two USB-C Ports, a 100W PD Port, HDMI 2.0 (4K@60 Hz / 1080p@144Hz).

Macally Laptop Stand

Improve your workspace ergonomics with this RGB laptop stand. The device elevates your laptop by 3” at a 15-degree angle. This gives you perfect eye level while using your laptop for maximum comfort. Moreover, it protects your laptop from accidental spills by keeping it elevated. This stand is built with CNC aluminum making it sturdy and durable. It features an open-air design for maximum air flow while the rubber non-slip base keeps the it super stable.

The stand comes with 10 RGB lighting modes as an added bonus. Lastly, you can connect up to 4 Devices via the 4 USB 3.0 ports at the back.

Wireless Wall Lights

This super compact wireless wall light could be a great addition to your setup. It could also be used on your night stand, as a wireless touch lamp, or as a torch. It has three different brightness levels and three different color temperatures to choose from. The lamp comes with a 360-degree magnetic rotating base that allows you to stick it almost anywhere. It’s also rechargeable through USB-C and it’s pretty futuristic looking. You can get it in black or white.

Brush Hero

Power through the dirt with the Brush Hero Wheel Brush. This device is connected to your garden hose and helps you clean some of the tightest spaces on your car wheels. Strong bristles extend to every part of the wheel using the water pressure to breakup any residue it touches. A simple on/off switch makes its operation super easy. Moreover, an ergonomic handle makes it easy and comfortable to hold. The bristles are replaceable allowing you to keep the device in good condition for longer.

Other than vehicle wheels, the device also works perfectly with other items. Some of these include; grills, outdoor furniture, gardening equipment, bicycle and even really dirty dogs.

Check out more about it using the link below.

Phoozy Phone Cases

When it’s cold, phone batteries run out a lot faster. But not with this thermal phone case by Phoozy. It provides cold weather protection so you can stay connected for longer, even when it’s freezing outside. Thanks to a special thermal barrier, it can also prevent your phone from overheating. It will also protect your phone from sand, water, and drops of up to 9 feet.

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