Looking for some cool tech to spice up your gaming/productivity desk setup but you’re on a tight budget? We’ve got you covered. Here’s another buyer guide for some really cool tech gadgets under $50 for your desk setup.

Cool and Best Tech Gadgets and Accessories under $50 for your Desk Setup


Cool Tech Under 50

This 3-in-1 modular desk pad is for those that want a nicely organized, productive desktop workspace. It comes with a Mouse Pad, a Wireless charger, and tray organizer that attach to each other magnetically. The 3 separate parts can be laid out in any configuration that you like. You can have your phone charging on the wireless charger, flash drives, pens and other things on the tray organizer, and use the main pad for your mouse.

Obviously, the mouse pad wouldn’t be ideal for gaming due to its small size of 8.5in X 8.5in. Also, the mousepad is made of a full leather material that isn’t ideal for fast paced shooter games. However, I feel like this has been designed for a different audience.

The magnetic sides that allow you configure this how you want based on your workflow. You can even have three separate parts on your desk, not even attached to each other. You can have the organizer and the mousepad on one side, and the wireless charger somewhere else. In addition, the wireless charger supports fast charging up to 15W. Lastly, you can get the Slit Max in different colors and configurations.


Cool Tech Under 50

This is a tiny 7-inch portable IPS monitor that can be used as a sensor panel to monitor your hardware information. It’s a really practical monitor as you can place it anywhere you want on your desk. It comes with a built-in kick stand that is adjustable to give you the desired angle. In addition, it does come with two cables, that you’ll need to set it up; A HDMI cable that plugs into your graphics card, and a micro-USB cable that plugs into any USB port to supply power to the monitor. After you plug-in both cables and power on your PC, the monitor will automatically be shown as a secondary display. After that you’ll need to download the AIDA64 software to use the sensor panel features. You can use the free version or buy a key for the full version from G2A at about $1.50. Use this Link to get a full tutorial on how to setup the Sensor Panel.


Smart Devil USB Desk Fan

Cool Tech Under $50

With all the heat that comes out of gaming and productivity setups, a compact Desk fan would be really useful. Especially on hot days and nights. It helps keep you cool and your hands free from sweating while you’re gaming. No sweat means a cleaner mousepad. You can adjust the angle of the fan by moving it forward or backwards.

There’s also a nob at the front to adjust the wind speed. This fan has amazing airflow and I never run it at top speed and it’s pretty quiet. Best part is, it is USB powered, meaning you can plug it into any USB Port. Because of how small it is, you can tuck it away when it’s not in use. Lastly, it comes in 4 different colors; White, Pink, Blue, and Black.


Cool Tech Under $50 for your Desk Setup

This external power switch is the perfect solution for situations where the PC is further away from the setup. The switch comes in white or black options. However, the key-cap is replaceable. The cable length is 6.5 ft (2 meters), which is long enough to reach most PC setups. It’s important to note that, to plug this into the PC your motherboard will need to have a JFP1 connector.


Cool Tech Under $50 for your Desk Setup

This is a one-of-a-kind drawing tablet, with a 10by6 usable drawing surface area, a physical dial and four dedicated mechanical keys. Unlike most other drawing tablets at this price point, this one gives you so many ways to use and interact with your subject. It comes with software that you can use assign the functions to the physical dial and the mechanical keys. These functions could include zoom, scroll and more.

In addition, the included pen comes with extra tips in the box, and secondary functions such as erasing or undoing a stroke.

Whether you’re looking for a drawing tablet for illustrator, photoshop, or to using with Drawing-Apps, the Voila L Drawing Tablet is an excellent choice. Especially if you’re on a tight budget.


cool tech under $50 for your desk setup

A ring light can be used for different purposes on your desk setup. However, if you add RGB, it gives you a whole new element to your photography, videography, or just aesthetics.

This 10-inch ring light has 160 LEDs inside the diffuser, and 29 built-in color modes. You get 13 static colors, 13 RGB effects, and 3 white levels.

Use this amazing ring light to give your subjects an even lighting tone. It is also useful for adding different color modes to your livestreams and product showcases.

In addition, it comes with a tripod for mounting, two remotes, a ball-head, an adapter for the two different phone mounts, and a ball-head goose-neck. All these at just $30. Like I said, this a great desk setup accessory for people who do livestreams, and product showcases.

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Cool Tech Under 50

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