Modern day gaming has been designed with a wide range of interactive experiences for everyone. However, if you grew up in the arcade era, you’ll occasionally long for those awesome 8-bit and 16-bit retro games we used to play. The ones that transformed us into the tech addicts we are today. Old is gold.

This are some of the coolest retro games that you can play right now. You can still play some of these games on modern hardware like the Sony PS4 and the Nintendo Switch.

Super Mario Kart SNES, 1992

We all have our favorite Mario Kart. Ranging from the Double dash weaponized mayhem, to the four player thrills of Mario Kart 54. However, few people would deny SNES a place at the top spot. Every victory is hard earned. The game has also aged beautifully.

Paper boy, Arcade 1985

A great gift of gaming is being able to indulge in activities that society hates. In this game, doing your job gives you the high score. However, flinging ;papers everywhere and subverting suburbia won’t easy.

Super Mario Bros.3, NES, 1993

Nintendo re-invented the secret-filled Super Mario Bros. 3. Then they repeated it with Super Mario World. It is very hard to separate these two. They are so close to gaming perfection, period.

MS. Pac-Man, Arcade, 1982

This game is like the arcade original , but with more. It was more difficult and it introduced new maps.

Super Metroid SNES, 1994

This SNES classic professionally captured the sense of bleak isolation. Bounty hunter Samas Aran drops into a desolate world , as it’s homage to Aliens. All this time, the brooding synth-led soundtrack invokes more fear.

There it is. Those are some of the coolest Retro Games of all time. Let us know in the comments section which game is your favorite.

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