Hello there? Today we take a look at Dokan; Arguably The Best Multivendor Marketplace Solution for WordPress WooCommerce Sites.

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If you looking to build a Multivendor Marketplace website using WordPress and eCommerce, Dokan is most definitely your ultimate solution. Thanks to this awesome WordPress Plugin, building a WooCommerce based Multivendor online store is as easy as it could get.Dokan - Multivendor Marketplace Platform

Built by WordPress users for WordPress users, you can be sure that all your multivendor marketplace needs will be catered for by this plugin.

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Statistics show that an eCommerce business is one of the smartest and fastest ways to make money online. According to these statistics;

  • Over 2 billion people made an online purchase in 2020.
  • More than $4 Trillion was spent on online purchases in 2020.
  • There are about 24 million online stores worldwide.
  • The e-Commerce industry has a 25.7% annual growth rate.

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These figures seem to be growing and getting better as time goes.

Why Choose Dokan?

We’ve listed a few out of the many reasons why this is the best WordPress Multivendor Marketplace solution for you.

  • It is powered by WordPress and based on WooCommerce. This means that you can transform any WordPress WooCommerce store in to a Multivendor Marketplace without hassle.
  • It offers Hundreds of payment gateways, meaning it can support any payment network that your customers prefer.
  • It is Multilingual Ready, meaning it supports different languages across the world, helping you reach a wider customer base.
  • An Intuitive User Interface that is easy to use even for first-time users. Each vendor gets complete sales-earning reports, statements, and analytics, helping them manage and improve their business. Both customers and vendors get access to a rich frontend dashboard that allows for easy management of purchases and inventory. Even more, they can manage orders, sales, coupons, discounts, etc.
  • You Earn from Each Sale as an Admin by charging commissions on vendors or on specific products. ( It is advisable to have a fair commission model to allow for the success of the marketplace)
  • The Admin can easily Control who Sells and Who Doesn’t from the admin dashboard by activating/deactivating a vendor.
  •  Each vendor gets Store Insights with Reports and Statements on sales in detail, plus a complete overview of the store’s performance.
  • Dokan offers an Easy Withdrawal System for Your Vendors where they can request payment straight from the dashboard. In addition, the Admin can set the payment channel and the withdrawal limit.
  • Lastly, Dokan allows Shipping Management for Each Store. Each vendor handles their own shipping eliminating shipping hassles for the admin. Moreover, enabling the ShipStation allows vendors to ship with popular shipping solutions.

More Benefits

It doesn’t stop there. Dokan goes the extra mile to give the admin and the Vendors the best user experience. Here are some more reasons why this is the best Multivendor Marketplace solution.

  • Each Vendor Configures Their Own Store Settings, Information, and Branding from the dashboard.
  • It allows vendors to Manage Coupons Right from the Dashboard with no help from the Admin.
  • Good Reviews can Increase your Brand Value by helping other customers to gain trust in the Marketplace.
  • Last but not least, it allows you to broadcast Important news and announcements to vendors right in the Dashboard.

What Can You Sell with Dokan?

With Dokan, you can sell Physical and Digital Products, as well as Services.  Basically, you can open three types of stores;

Physical Products (Traditional Stores);

These include;

Readymade Garments, Laptop, iPhone, Electronics, Books, Magazines, Comics, Beauty Care Items, Shoes and Handicrafts

Digital Products (Digital Stores);

These include;

Audio and Songs, Themes, Plugins, Software, Paintings, Photography, Videos, 3D animations, Apps, eBooks, PDF

Service-Based Products (Service-Based Stores);

These include;

Technician, Assistance, Spa Service, Therapist, Consulting Services, Child Care Services, Tour and Travel operations

To use Dokan, All you need is a WooCommerce compatible theme. Luckily, weDevs offers you a free theme to help you get started.


Dokan offers two types of pricing categories. An annual category, and a lifetime category. Furthermore, each category has five pricing packages; Free, Starter, Professional, Business, and Enterprise.  Each package comes with some premium modules. We will discuss these modules in more detail in the Additional Features section.

Annual Package (Currently offering a discount)

Dokan Review

Lifetime package (currently offering a discount)

Dokan review

As you can see, there’s also a Free Package that comes with the most basic features of Dokan. It’s a nice place to start if you don’t have the funds for the paid packages.

Additional Features

Even better, you can transform your multivendor store into a more specialized marketplace by using additional Dokan modules that can be purchased individually. There are over 24 of them.

Premium Modules


Dokan Review


Dokan WC Booking Integration allows vendors to create bookable products such as events, car rentals, Hotel booking, appointment-based services, etc. In addition, the module also allows customers to customize their booking orders. All this with a lot of ease.

Check out this module in more detail here and see all the things it can do for you.

Buy the Module


Dokan Review


This module integrates the Simple Auction WooCommerce plugin. The plugin allows vendors to sell auction-able products straight from the dashboard.

Read more about this Module Here.

Buy the Module


The module allows you to provide the fields required by EU law for both vendors and customers. In addition, you can control what appears on the invoices by integrating this module with invoicing.

Buy the Module


This module allows you to utilize all PayPal Commerce Platform (PCP) features for a perfect payment system.

Buy The Module


Create a flawless delivery system that allows customers to choose the date and time they want to receive their products. This makes the delivery process smoother for both vendors and customers

Buy the Module


The module simply allows vendors to sell subscription-based products and services on your website.

Buy the Module


Customers can include additional products to a product and be billed separately for those products.

Buy the Module


This module turns your regular search bar into an instant searching tool to quickly search for products and save time. This creates a better user experience for your visitors

Buy the Module


This module allows you to customize the colors of the vendor dashboard. You can even match the colors of the dashboard to the colors of the frontend of the website.

Buy the Module


The module allows vendors to import and export products in CSV and XML format straight form the frontend.

Buy the Module


The module allows customers to follow their favorite vendors and stay up to date about their latest products. In return, your marketplace gets returning customers.

Buy the Module


This plugin enables your users to search for products by location.

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The Dokan Live Chat allows vendors to respond in real-time with customers. You’ll make more sales and achieve greater customer satisfaction by using Facebook Messenger to Talk.Js to resolve customers’ issues fast.

Buy the Module


This module, allows you to take advantage of the efficiency that Moip provides for all your vendors, customers, and yourself.

Buy the Module


Dokan Review

The module allows customers to contact the vendors via email and make inquiries about products.

Buy the Module


Dokan Modules

The Dokan Return and Warranty Request module allow vendors to offer customized return and warranty policies of their sold products to clients and customers. This makes your brand more trustworthy.

Buy the Module



Check the authenticity of vendors via their social profiles, phone, photo, and more. Keep your marketplace authentic with genuine sellers and avoid fraudulent activities.

Buy the Module

Our Verdict

Dokan is Absolutely one of the best Multivendor Marketplace Solutions for WooCommerce based WordPress websites. The Business package is our favorite deal. However, feel free to choose the one that works best for you. If you’re already using Dokan, tell us in the comments section how your experience has been. Click the button below to Try Dokan for Free Today.

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