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How to Create a Professional WordPress Blog

What’s up? If you’re looking to create a Professional Blog using the WordPress platform, then you’ve come to the right place.

This article contains everything that you need to have and know to create the perfect WordPress Blog. You don’t any prior Web Design  knowledge. This how-to guide is for absolute beginners, and it will take you step by step from start to finish.

How to Create a Professional WordPress Blog

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In this article, we will cover;

1. Buying a Domain and Hosting Package

2. Installing WordPress

3. Installing the Theme and Plugins

4. Importing the Demo

By the end of this article, you will have a Professional looking Blog, ready for you to customize. So without further a do, let’s begin.

How to create a Professional WordPress Blog

The first thing you need to create any website is a domain name and Hosting Package.

Domain Name and Hosting Package

There are more than a few Web hosting companies, all of them offering similar packages.

My favorite ones are Bluehost, Dreamhost, Truehost, and Hostinger. Check them out  choose one that suits you the most.

They offer both domain names and Hosting packages with some of them even giving you a free domain for every hosting package that you purchase.

Installing WordPress

After you have purchased a domain name and a hosting package, the next thing we need to do is install WordPress.

To install WordPress, you need to access the CPanel of your hosting package.

How to Create a Professional WordPress Blog

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Once inside the CPanel, just go to, Softaculous Apps Installer. You can search for it on the dashboard of your CPanel.

How to Create a Professional WordPress Blog

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Once you’ve found the Softaculous Apps Installer, click on WordPress. You will be redirected to an installation page similar to the one below.

How To Create a Professional WordPress Blog

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Here you’ll just click on Install Now.

You’ll be redirected to a page like the one below.

WordPress Blog

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Fill in the Site Name, Site Description, Admin Username, and Admin Password.

All those details can be changed later except for the Admin Username. Make sure you don’t leave it as admin as that would make it easier for someone to hack the admin. Choose a username that’s unique and only known to you.

After you’ve filled in these information,  scroll down to the bottom and click install. Make sure all the information has been filled in correctly before you install.

How To create a wordpress blog

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This will install WordPress to your domain and Hosting Package.

Congratulations, you have installed WordPress. You will be redirected to a page with links to your WordPress Site’s Homepage and Admin Dashboard. Use this links to access the fore-mentioned pages.

Installing the WordPress Theme.

After we’ve successfully installed WordPress, it’s now time to install our theme.

Any WordPress installation will come with a free theme installed by default. However, we don’t want to use the default theme. That’s why we are going to install our own Professional Theme. There are a ton of WordPress Themes for Blogs on Theme forest to choose from. My favorite WordPress Blog Theme is Ceris Theme by bkninja. This is the theme we are going to use.

How To Create a Professional WordPress Blog

Live Preview

Watch the video above for full tutorial. 🙂

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