Traditional mice tend to make us to twist our wrists, which can cause discomfort. Vertical mice like the Logitech MX Vertical Mouse, on the other hand, are designed to help lessen the strain on your wrist by providing a comfier ‘handshake-like’ position. This reduces muscular strain and promotes a more ergonomic posture. It has a unique 57° vertical angle that reduces the pressure on your wrist, while your thumb is positioned comfortably on the thumb rest.

Button Layout

For the buttons, you get the left and right mouse buttons, a clickable scroll wheel, twin programmable thumb-buttons and a configuration button mounted at the top. The configuration button is used to to adjust sensitivity for work and different devices. Underneath the mouse there is an on/off switch and a pairing button. The pairing button allows you to pair with and choose from three devices. This is handy for Mac users who frequently switch between MacBook and iMac. The downside is that the pairing is sometimes flaky.

Logitech MX Vertical Mouse


You can connect your Logitech MX Vertical mouse to your computer, using the included USB-C charging cable, Logitech Unifying Receiver, or Bluetooth®. However, to get the best experience with Bluetooth®, you will need to upgrade your operating system to the latest version.

Logitech MX Vertical Mouse Connection

The Logitech MX Vertical Software

The Flow App that comes with the mouse works fine. It enables you move the pointer from one device to another and copy and paste files. You switch between paired devices by pressing a button or by moving the cursor from one screen to another with the Logitech Flow App. However, we experienced a little delay while doing this.

The Logitech MX Vertical Mouse is definitely more comfortable and ergonomic than a traditional mouse. However, it is also quite big and takes a little getting used to. People with small hands have to stretch their index fingers to reach the main mouse button. We recommend you try before you buy it.

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