In this article I’m going to share with you 5 basic tips to help you get the best footage and/or image quality from your Insta360. This are going to be straight forward tips that you can start implementing right now.

5 Insta360 Tips for Better Results

  1. Settings
Insta360 Tips and Setting for Best Results

Zoom In/Out

Keep things simple. When using the Insta360 I prefer to shoot in full auto mode. That is; 5.7K at 30fps, Vivid color profile, Auto White Balance, Vivid Color Profile and EV set to Zero. If you’re really looking to grade your footage, set the color profile to Log. I was used to using the Log color profile, but lately I’ve switched to the Vivid Color Profile. Especially with the X3, I’ve found that the colors are quite Spot no. Also, to capture even more detail, use Active HDR. It works really well and looks great. However, avoid using Active HDR in low-light conditions.

  1. Mounting Positions (When riding or driving)
Best Insta360 Tips for Best Results

Zoom In/Out

I’m always experimenting with different mounting positions. An unspoken rule, if you’re aiming to capture the feeling of going fast without actually going fast, mount the camera as low to the ground as possible. Ofcourse, you’ve got to be mindful of how far you’ll be leaning over, especially on a bike. Keep your Insta360 out of harms war. The last thing you want to do is grind your Insta360 to the ground. (Watch the video for best mounting positions)

Always make sure that the clamp or mounting device is secure.

  1. Right time of Day
Insta360 Tips

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This will be out of your control most of the time. However, whenever it’s possible, always wait for the Golden Hour. This is roughly one hour after the sun rises, and an hour before the sun sets. During the golden hour, the sun shines on a horizon, giving us that beautiful golden hue. In addition, during the golden hour we get really nice-looking long shadows which add to the dynamic contrast.

You have to be well prepared. Be at your shooting location before the golden hour. The Sun Waits for No Man.

  1. Clean the Lens
Best Insta360 tips and tricks

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This sounds obvious, but it’s probably the most important tip. Without a clean lens, it won’t matter how epic your content is or which settings you’re using. A dirty lens will ruin it for you. Insta360 includes a Lens cloth with every device; Utilize it. Get in the habit of cleaning the lens every time you remove the lens guard. This will ensure that you capture content that’s free of Smudges, dust or water droplets.

  1. Editing

Last but not least, we have editing. After shooting that epic footage, knowing how to edit it well can really improve it quality. Subtlety and smooth motion help improve the viewers experience. When changing the camera angles using key-frames, experiment with the different kind of available transitions. i.e. when using the Studio App. ‘Fade in, fade out’ is my favorite as It gives an almost seamless smooth transition between angles. Export the different Fields of View separately. (Watch Video for best Editing Tips)

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There you go. Those are my top 5 tips for getting the best results with your Insta360. It’s all about what works for you and I hope this article was helpful

Let me know in the comment section which one you you’ve been overlooking. Which one will you start implementing immediately? Ciao 😉 😊

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